Save Me San Francisco


Few places elicit more reveries than the City by the Bay. Try this: tell a few people that you are going to San Francisco. 9 out of 10 people will immediately go into a surreal memory and give you a recommendation. “Oh man, their bread bowls with clam chowder, you have to go down by the wharf and get one”; “I love the MOMA (SF Museum of Modern Art), it’s free this week, you have to go”; “I walked everywhere, then I found out the trolley was only two bucks, take it along the piers and stop at Ghiradelli’s.”

Giving travel advice may not seem extraordinary, but listening to everyone made me realize what makes SF so out of the ordinary. Are you ready?  Here it is.  I’m only going to say it once. Everyone has their own reason for what makes SF special, but I have yet to hear the same reason. Seriously, what other city has so much to offer to such a wide range of people?

As some of you know, I’m not into the usual tourist attractions. I’ve heard Alcatraz is amazing, and I will go someday, but that day is not today. Here are a few things I’ll be writing about in the next few weeks:

  • Mission murals
  • APs, websites (lodging, getting around, finding what’s around)
  • Haight-Ashbury
  • Hikes and hangouts
  • Pier 14
  • SOMA

So stay tuned…


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