Live like you’re coming home

Some of you have heard me rant about how much I like being away from the states.  Well this week while in Santiago de Compostela, I made my own pilgrimage of sorts:

“I was in bad shape before this trip.  While in Santiago de Compostela, I realized just how tired, no, I should say exhausted, I was.  Stress had just been piling up.  It had been gnawing away at me until I started to despise the people and things I normally love.  I was pretty bored while traveling and think that from here on out, I should travel with people.  I’ve seen enough “sites” to last me a lifetime.  I’m missing out on connecting with people so that I can do what I want, when I want.  It’s time for me to focus a little less on places, and a little more on people.

“… I also, need to establish home.  Travel is great, but I’ve seen enough to know that it’s not the destination thats important, it’s what you bring back home.  All these things I’m seeing and doing, could be brought back home.  Maybe I don’t need to live abroad.  After all wherever I am is abroad to someone.  As much as I love Spain, it’s not my home.  I need to stop seeking greener pastures, and start tilling my own plot.  After seeing Galicia, I have a few ideas about how to, not only make home a deeper shade of green, but maybe even add some color.”

There’s so many wonderful things when you travel.  it’s not enough to just live them.  Bring them home with you (as long as it doesn’t cause an international incident).  Because there’s even more wonderful things waiting for you there.


One response to “Live like you’re coming home

  1. You get to bring me home with you! And I get to bring you home with me! Have I said this yet? I can’t wait!

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