Travel Like … You Were in Love

Welcome to the initial Post of Live Like You Were Traveling!

Before I start, I just want to take a minute to dedicate this blog to my partner (whom, I hope doesn’t mind me calling him as such).  If there is one thing you learn about life while traveling, it’s whether you’re in love or not.  And man, have I fallen hard.

Ok, before we start we need to be completely clear on what love is.  Many people have tried to define love, and in my estimation, failed (what we will henceforth call suspende = span. Fail).  The problem is love gets thrown around so often that it means many things to many people.  What’s worse is that despite love being fairly general, people still manage to use it incorrectly (what we will henceforth call super suspende = span. Epic Fail).  So, let’s clear up what love is not.

Love is not: lust, longing, or some sort of agreement between people (be it financial, legal, or otherwise).

So, love is: a feeling for a person or thing that leads to actions; a connection in one or more of the following ways: physical, emotional, mental, temporal, etc; and ideally, love is mutual.

Now for the fun part, talking about love and travel –

“Worth waiting for”

You know you have found love when, after a long travel, you have someone waiting for you (and reciprocally, you’re waiting as well).  Right now, I’m halfway through a teaching program in Spain.  It kills me to be so far from the one I love.  But, on the same hand, I would never have known how much I loved him, had I not come.

The first question anyone inevitably asks you here is, “do you have a boyfriend.”  The answer to this question is irrelevant.  If you say yes, they say, “well, that won’t last long in Malaga.”  If you say no, they say, “well good, because…”  Despite what they may say, love is, knowing that there are offers out there, but wanting nothing to do with them.  Love is seeing the person patiently waiting for you at home, everywhere you go.

Now, that doesn’t mean it’s not difficult.  It drives me crazy to go so long without talking with, seeing, and touching the guy I love.  Naturally, everything tells me I want something, anything.  But, I respond back, that I want nothing more than him, ever.  That’s when you find, you’ve “traveled the world, want what’s back home.”

“Home is where the heart is”

I’ve come down with something that many travelers get – Homesickness.  There are different stages of traveling ranging from being fascinated with everything new around you, to hating everything that’s different.  Being a seasoned traveler, I recognize that.  Whatever your reason for traveling you realize one thing fast, how much you miss the people.  This can be anywhere from, not at all, to extremely.  For me, I miss family and friends.  It took me aback when I realized just how much I missed them.  Sometimes I feel like the black-sheep, and that’s made me ostracize myself from family.  But, now, absence has made the heart grow founder (on both sides, I think).  Distance has lead all of us to reevaluate how we love each other.  Where we once put up walls, we now build bridges.

Malaga is known to be a place of acquaintances, but not a place for friends.  There are many variations to a saying that goes, roughly translated, something like this “everyones willing to share a glass with you, but no ones got your back when you need them.”  Replacing the faces of friends, with exotic cities, and sites is a lesson learned the hard way.  While I’ve found some dear friends here, one of the hardest thing about picking-up and starting a new life somewhere else are the friends you loose.  I just want you to know if you’re reading this, I’ll be home soon.  I love and miss you, and can’t wait to see your faces.  Moral of the story – travel with friends, as opposed to without them.

“Take another little piece of my heart”

Like any traveller knows, everywhere you go, you love.  The more you travel the more you love to travel.  Eventually, if you travel enough, you stop seeing sights, and you start traveling for experiences.  That way everywhere you go is a memory.  That’s a souvenir  you take with you forever.  It can even be shared with people who’ve never been there.  In exchange a piece of you stays there (don’t worry, it grows back, maybe even better than before).

Now, I have friends and places here I love.  It seems odd that one day we won’t be meeting every weekend for drinks, or running on week days along the beach, or even planning vacations to far off destinations.  I’ll still take you with me.  Even after a million beers, I won’t forget the ones in an old russian pub.  Even after a million hikes, I’ll still remember hunting for asparagus using keys instead of a knife.  I’ll miss you when time comes, but until then, let’s live like we would be here for the rest of our lives.  And, when the time comes, you’ll be with me, and you’ve got a couch to sleep on when you’re in “the SLC.”

The best we can do, is live like we were traveling.  Take what we can carry, leave what we can’t, and love what we do.


2 responses to “Travel Like … You Were in Love

  1. I miss you. 😦

  2. *Sniff* I miss you soo much! I can’t wait til May! Warning…I may not let go of you for a few minutes…

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